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General Support

General Support

At Women’s Work we recognise that mental and emotional health is as essential to well-being as good physical health. Along with our specific projects, we also offer more general support to the women who attend as part of our holistic, person-centred approach.

This support can come in various ways from counselling sessions to food parcels, we also have an extensive list of partner organisations who offer advice and support in more specialist areas such as finance and debt or housing issues.

We encourage women to attend our wellness sessions to improve their confidence and emotional well-being, and reduce social isolation, some of our current workshops include Yoga, Calm Your Mind, Creative Dance and Expressive Arts.

For mothers of preschool age children, we hold a coffee morning where mums can meet and chat to each other, gain access to support where needed and offer a safe place for their children to play whilst they do so. We also host a weekly Check In and Chat for our women, an informal drop in session where they can chat to other service users, peer mentors and project workers are on hand for advice where needed.



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What our empowered women have to say...

Women’s Work have completely changed my life. The support is just amazing and the staff really do their job well, but professional, yet never patronise us

Empowered Women

I find Women’s Work a safe place to go when I need somewhere to listen to me without judgement.

Member – Below the Radar

After doing the Anger Management programme, I am now able to walk away from situations rather than hurt someone

Member – Anger Management

The Anger Management programme has given me new techniques to try and deal with my anger. The programme has great insight and gives you a chance to express yourself.

Member – Anger Management

After doing the Anger Management Programme, I recognise my triggers now and I can open up more and talk.

Member – Anger Management

The Change Programme has given me an understanding of life, relationships, the world, myself and empowerment. I felt heard and not judged, and also felt a deep self-realisation and knowledge of self

Member – Change Programme