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Wellness Sessions

Wellness Sessions

Good health and wellbeing is about positive mental and emotional health, as well as the absence of any diseases or disorders. People with poor health and wellbeing can find it harder to overcome difficulties they may face and to get what they want out of life.  

Conversely, having good mental wellbeing lowers the risk of poor physical health and risk-taking behaviour. 

Women who are vulnerable or leading chaotic lives, can find it difficult to manage their health and wellbeing, because they may have other more pressing problems, such as unhealthy relationships or unstable accommodation.

The risk of developing a mental health condition is higher for people living with a long-term condition. 

Similarly, women who are living in poverty or who have caring responsibilities, may have put their own health and wellbeing needs on hold, or experience poorer mental wellbeing as a result of isolation and lack of a support network. 

Here at Women’s Work we understand that good health and wellbeing is fundamental to enabling women to take back control of their lives and work towards a more positive future. 

We offer a range of wellness sessions to all referred women, including but not limited to;

  • Yoga – therapeutic sessions that encourages relaxation and tranquillity
  • Creative Arts & Craft – learning creative and unique ways to express oneself through art
  • Mother & Toddler Coffee Morning – Mums and their children from ages 0-5 for socialising and play
  • Calm Your Mind – exploration of techniques to find and promote emotional freedom and wellbeing.

The sessions aim to improve emotional and physical wellbeing, as well as improving social isolation.


Helpline & additional information

If you are physically unwell please ring your GP for assistance or 111 if it’s urgent.  You can get in touch with the Samaritans about anything that’s troubling you, no matter how large or small the issue feels. Samaritans have a free 24-hour contact number 116 123.  The local NHS urgent mental health helpline is 0800 028 0077 (free 24 hours) and lets you talk to mental health professionals for advice and support.

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