Are you one in a million?

We are aiming for a thousand, ten thousand, or a MILLION wonderful people to support our work! Will you be one of them?

We started the 1 in a Million campaign to create a network of donators, volunteers, fundraisers, and champions to support our work and help us help more women and their families across Derby and Derbyshire. The women we support are some of the most disadvantaged, vulnerable and isolated women in society. Many have no support networks, poor mental and physical health and have no way of improving their lives alone.

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Become 1 in a Million by donating £1 A YEAR!

Our aim is to have one million people donating just £1 per year, collectively the One in a Million community will be have a HUGE impact on our fundraising so that Women's Work to continue to support Derbyshire women and their families to lead healthier and happier lives.

Help us spread the word! Think of how many people you know – Friends, Family, Colleagues….

Imagine if they all donated just £1 a year to us. Imagine the difference that could make to a local charity. Your small act will have a massive impact, so help us shout this from the rooftops!

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Below you can find links on how to set up a standing order with most of the big banks;

Would you
  • Like to support an important cause that changes lives?
  • Want the opportunity to develop your skills or be trained in new ones through voluntary work?
  • Like to be invited to join our fundraising events and galas, as well as have the opportunity to organise your own events?
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Did you know that...
  • We help some of the most disadvantaged women, and their children, in Derby and Derbyshire
  • We support over 900 women every year
  • We help children living in homes, where there is domestic abuse and drug and alcohol addiction
  • We run the Freedom Programme – a life-changing course for women fleeing or recovering from domestic abuse.
  • We offer the Positive Parenting Programme to improve parenting and family relationships
  • We provide intensive one-to-one support, advocacy, life skills, and confidence enhancing groups
  • We empower women to develop the resilience and practical skills necessary to ensure families can move on and can support themselves

Get involved. Here's how you can become one in a million.

By working together with Women's Work, you could help us...

  • Ensure that women and their children live a life free from emotional and physical harm
  • Reduce the number of women living in isolation by improving their life skills and their confidence
  • Increase the number of women gaining educational qualifications and encourage them towards employment or training
  • Help women to break the cycle of destructive behaviour and promote positive life changes

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