Committed to supporting vulnerable women and their families

Leaving a gift to us in your will is a promise to be there for the women and children cross Derbyshire who are suffering from stress, abuse or victimisation.

Making a Will is something that is private and important for everyone, it makes sure that your wishes will be reflected in what happens after you die. No matter what size of gift you leave it will change lives, it will help our work live on and will offer support to those in need.

Read on for more information on the impact a gift could have for the individuals we support or download our Legacy Booklet to find out more on how to leave a gift.


How would we use your gift? Well…for example…


Will pay for a woman to have 10 sessions with one of our counsellors to help recover from trauma and abuse.


Will pay for each woman to complete our 12 week Freedom Programme which looks at the actions of abusive men and examines the responses of the victims and survivors.


Will pay for each woman to complete the 6 week Parenting Programme which provides the right tools for parents to understand their children’s needs and develop a positive relationship.

A gift that makes a huge difference

It’s easier than you think to leave a gift in your will, please contact us for an information pack.

  • The Legacy Booklet – includes information about the options and approaches to legacies and is the main reference document

  • The Codicil Form – is a very specific document that enables you to add a gift to us to your existing will

  • The Intention Form – is a useful and simple way for you to let us know of your plans. This also gives us the opportunity to thank you and invite you to discuss how your gift would be used.

Explore other ways to Get involved.

Leave us a gift.

If you would like any more information about leaving a Gift in your Will please contact us directly.

  • 01332 242 525

At the end of the programme I feel able to say 100% that there will be no future re- offending for me. I am now positively focussed, re-housed, I have successfully reduced my alcohol in-take.

Member – The Turn Around

I liked coming to the freedom programme because I knew I wasn’t alone and everyone wouldn’t judge me. I have learnt a lot and wish I could have learned this when I was at secondary school because then I would have known.

Member – Freedom Programme

Women’s Work have completely changed my life. The support is just amazing and the staff really do their job well, but professional, yet never patronise us

Empowered Women

The Anger Management programme has given me new techniques to try and deal with my anger. The programme has great insight and gives you a chance to express yourself.

Member – Anger Management

Thank you to Gemma and all staff for making me feel welcome. I felt very anxious at the start but now I have finished I feel like I want to keep coming back. It’s a safe place for me to learn and grow and I enjoy all of the sessions that are there. The staff are lovely, and kind and caring and all show support to you. It doesn’t matter what you are there for because everyone is together working through it all.

Member – Turn Around Project

I joined because I have always volunteered in one way or another and given my time, but I always wanted to do something that was personal to me. If facilities like Women’s Work had been available when I was growing up that could have helped my mum, I would have had a better childhood. It makes me happy giving back to the service users and helping them feel empowered, even if its something small that does so.

Jeanette – Volunteer

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