Commited to supporting vulnerable women and their families

We want to help more women and their families rebuild their lives.

We believe that every woman has the right to a healthy and fulfilling life free from abuse and harm.

We recognise that life has been unfair to many women and we provide non-judgemental support to women regardless of their circumstances or the particular challenges they face.  And we recognise that women of all ages and backgrounds may need help regardless of age, ethnicity or sexuality.

We will never turn a woman in desperate need away and will signpost to other agencies with more suitable support if we cannot help. 


How Women's work can help...

Are you a woman needing help?

We work with individuals as a trusted friend, helping them to overcome the barriers they are facing, as well as providing advocacy and signposting to other services and support which might be of benefit to them. 

Refer a woman who needs support

Women’s Work works with approximately 60 partner organisations across the health and social care, well-being and adult learning areas including the statutory services, probation service, other charities and providers.  For a list of referral agencies please click on the link below.

Women may also refer themselves to Women’s Work either because a friend has told them about the service, because they feel alone in trying to cope with their problems or because they want help with a specific issue such as domestic abuse. If you wish to self refer, please complete the online referral form.

To know more about referring to Women’s Work please ring 01332 242 525 or e-mail

Women’s Work is open from 09:00 am to 5:00 pm.  Anyone requiring emergency assistance outside of these hours should ring 07812 125482