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WWH Outreach

Women's Work Heart Outreach

Our outreach support services are provided within the various emergency, supported housing schemes within the city, in addition to street outreach.

This has enabled us to deliver invaluable support to some of the most vulnerable and hardest to reach women in the local community; including those street sex working, misusing substances, experiencing housing issues and/or experiencing homelessness.

By using this outreach delivery model, women from this targeted group are able to access our ‘in-reach’ programmes through ‘out-reach’ delivery.

Project Workers offer confidential one to one support/advice, deliver small group programmes, as well as signposting and supporting appointments with external agencies. One integral aspect to this new initiative, is the opportunity for referrals to also have the opportunity to access counselling sessions.

Across Derbyshire there are 339 households in temporary accommodation with 195 of those in Derby City. Of the 339 households, nearly 25% are a single female adult with dependent children and approximately 12% are a single female adult.¹

¹ Figures from Statutory Homelessness, Detailed Local Authority Level Tables: January to March 2023.

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