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The HEART Programme

WWH Heart Programme

The HEART programme is a six week course covering a variety of topics to enable women to begin building a happier and healthier life. Each week covers a different theme as below;

  • Building Confidence and Self-Esteem: To learn techniques to help improve confidence, self-esteem and ways to challenge negative self-talk
  • Developing Resilience: To learn the importance of self-care in building resilience and developing coping strategies in difficult situations
  • Setting Boundaries: To learn strategies for setting healthy boundaries and communicate needs effectively
  • Understanding Anxiety: To better understand anxiety, it’s causes, symptoms and strategies for managing anxiety
  • Managing Anger: To learn how to manage anger in a healthy manner, recognise when we are becoming angry, explore underlying causes of anger and to implement practical techniques for managing anger
  • Personal Relationships: To learn how to develop healthy personal relationships, explore key elements of healthy relationships, to learn effective communication techniques and gain insights into self-care practices that support relationship well being

The courses aim is to provide an introduction to themes which impact on living an emotionally healthy life, women attending may then go on to our more in-depth emotional wellbeing and life skill workshops if they wish.

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