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The Heart of Parenting

The Heart of Parenting

Women’s Work offers a rolling parenting programme accredited by Care for the Family. Each week the session will cover a different topic as below;

  • Focussing on the parent, basic and emotional needs
  • Focussing on the child, basic and emotional needs
  • Building Relationships
  • Behaviour and Discipline
  • Teenage Years

The aim of the programme is to support parents to raise children into adults who are able to cope with the outside world.  The programmes are based on common sense and are user friendly, giving practical skills and tools. They value the personal experiences that parents bring along with them and help with general parenting issues and situations where there might be a risk of behaviour or emotional difficulties.

The courses provide an understanding of the needs of the children and help the parents develop confidence in themselves and their parenting skills to build strong, healthy family relationships.

As well as The Heart of Parenting, we also deliver a follow-on 4 week course on Handling Anger in the Family.

The first two weeks of the course focus on the parents’ anger, recognising their own triggers and learning strategies to deal with them. The following two weeks address anger in children, where parents pass on the strategies they have learnt to their children.


Helpline & additional information

Relate Derby offer relationship counselling, family counselling, sex therapy, children and young people services, and education and learning.  Their contact details are 01332 349 177  www.relatederby.org.uk  info@relatederby.org.uk.  The aim of Children First Derby is to relieve the distress and suffering experienced by families and children especially those who have suffered from, or are likely to suffer from, violence or maltreatment in their homes. Contact them on 01332 341516.