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Relationships and Parenting

Relationships and Parenting

The relationships that we have can have a big effect on the choices we make and our wellbeing. 

Women with low self-esteem or those affected by domestic violence often find it difficult to recognise unhealthy relationships or do not know how to set boundaries to protect their own wellbeing. 

Unhealthy relationships are not always between sexual partners, they can be the friendships we have, for example, people who encourage us to participate in unhealthy behaviours, or worse still, are exploiting us in some way. 

Likewise, problems with parenting, especially when you are dealing with other challenges can erode wellbeing and may result in the involvement of social services. 

Women’s Work understands that fostering positive relationships, be that with a partner, friend or child is often pivotal to a woman turning her life around. We also strive to work with women and their children to minimise the long-term impact of dealing with abuse, or difficult life events on the children.  

Read more about the ways we support women to recognise and nurture positive relationships in their lives via programme links below.  


Helpline & additional information

Relate Derby offer relationship counselling, family counselling, sex therapy, children and young people and education and learning.  Contact details are 01332 349 177  www.relatederby.org.uk  info@relatederby.org.uk.  The aim of Children First Derby is to relieve the distress and suffering experienced by families and children. In particular, those who have suffered from, or are likely to suffer from, violence or maltreatment in their homes. Contact them on 01332 341516.

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