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Opportunity & Change

Providing intensive one-to-one support to help women gain essential skills

What is the Opportunity and Change programme?

Women’s Work provides a multi-faceted programme of support to women across Derbyshire facing barriers to training and employment on behalf of Framework (a charity dedicated to ending homelessness and improving employability). The initiative is funded by the National Lottery Community Fund and the European Social Fund. 

Our specialist expertise in working with women means that we are well-placed to deliver a programme of support which will tackle the barriers many women face in accessing further education, training or employment. 

Our Opportunity and Change programme provides opportunities for women to access a range of therapeutic activities that will build their life skills and self-confidence and open up new horizons which will build self-confidence and raise aspirations for the future. 

At the start of the programme, participants are assigned a personal navigator from Women’s Work who assesses their needs and identify the right combination of activities to meet that individuals’ needs. Fortnightly progress meetings help identify any new needs which may arise and ensure any challenges can be overcome. 

Programmes include Equine Therapy and Loudspeaker programme (arts and creativity) at Nottingham Contemporary, as well as various modules on wellbeing, self-care, managing money and gaining skills that employers are looking for.   

Participants’ travel and childcare costs are covered, and funding is also available to pay for any materials or equipment to enable women to pursue particular courses as they progress on their personal development journey. The ultimate goal is to support women to progress onto more formal training courses which will help them move towards job seeking or employment. 

Our holistic approach 

Our skilled and compassionate staff work with the women on the course to ensure that all the barriers they face are identified and addressed for example obtaining support for mental health problems. 

Women referred to us through Opportunity and Change may also access other projects delivered by Women’s Work which may be of benefit to them, for example, the Freedom Programme therapeutic group sessions, individual counselling sessions (26 weeks), parenting support group sessions and drop-in clinics. 

To read about the impact of the Opportunity and Change project please visit ‘Our Impact’. 

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What our empowered women have to say...

I have a better understanding of my emotions and feelings, and am now calmer. I learnt how to deal with things better

Empowered Women

At the end of the programme I feel able to say 100% that there will be no future re- offending for me. I am now positively focussed, re-housed, I have successfully reduced my alcohol in-take.

Member – The Turn Around

I can’t thank Women’s Work enough for their kindness help and guidance which has enabled me to help women within the community. Just seeing the positive impact Women’s Work makes on service users has made me so proud to be part of the volunteer team. Thank you Women’s Work for all that you do for women and thank you so much for letting me be part of that.

Debra Wilson – Volunteer

After doing Healthy relationships, I have better knowledge about abusive relationships and can now recognise the red warning flags in the early stages. I have learnt to love myself, and will not allow anyone to control or abuse me anymore

Member – Healthy Relationships

The Change Programme has given me an understanding of life, relationships, the world, myself and empowerment. I felt heard and not judged, and also felt a deep self-realisation and knowledge of self

Member – Change Programme

The Anger Management programme has given me new techniques to try and deal with my anger. The programme has great insight and gives you a chance to express yourself.

Member – Anger Management