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Little Links

The Little Links project supports children living in chaotic home environments.

The Little Links project focuses on the needs of children aged 0-12. The project aims to help the children develop resilience in order to be able to manage their emotions and cope with the stressful situations they may be experiencing. A range of interventions are provided including one-to-one support, group sessions, activities and outings.

The aims of the project are to:

  • increase the children’s self-confidence and emotional well-being
  • improve family relationships
  • have fun

Our coffee mornings (informal groups) run twice a week and provide an opportunity for children (under 5) and their mums to come along and relax in our large living room area. During the session the families receive support to address any challenges they may be experiencing and they will also have the opportunity to build new relationships in a safe environment.

We also run weekly afternoon sessions for children aged 5 to12. The sessions engage the children and their parents in a wide range of activities, facilitated by our project worker. Within the sessions we encourage the children to explore their emotions and also to express them in all their different forms. We aim to create a safe environment where children can feel free to open up about any issues they may be experiencing. The families also enjoy sitting around a table to eat and chat together in a warm and welcoming environment. Snacks are also provided.

Throughout the year we also organise picnics in the garden and offer fun outing. These are all different opportunities for our families to have fun, experience something new and also to enjoy new interaction and improve existent ones.

During the sessions our project worker supports the children and their mums to improve and develop various tools and techniques to help recognise and manage emotions (such as anger, frustration, etc.) as well as to build self-esteem and strategies for coping with any difficulty they may be experiencing.

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What our empowered women have to say...

The Change Programme has given me an understanding of life, relationships, the world, myself and empowerment. I felt heard and not judged, and also felt a deep self-realisation and knowledge of self

Member – Change Programme

After doing the Anger Management programme, I am now able to walk away from situations rather than hurt someone

Member – Anger Management

Women’s Work have completely changed my life. The support is just amazing and the staff really do their job well, but professional, yet never patronise us

Empowered Women

I can’t thank Women’s Work enough for their kindness help and guidance which has enabled me to help women within the community. Just seeing the positive impact Women’s Work makes on service users has made me so proud to be part of the volunteer team. Thank you Women’s Work for all that you do for women and thank you so much for letting me be part of that.

Debra Wilson – Volunteer

At the end of the programme I feel able to say 100% that there will be no future re- o ending for me. I am now positively focussed, re-housed, I have successfully reduced my alcohol in-take.

Member – The Turn Around

After doing the Anger Management Programme, I recognise my triggers now and I can open up more and talk.

Member – Anger Management