UPDATE: COVID-19 - We're still OPEN and providing services throughout the pandemic with measures in place to protect our staff and visitors.
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Child Contact Centre

Our contact centre is a safe & neutral venue for children of separated families to meet with their non-resident parent or other family members.

The most important people in the centre are the children. We aim to provide a warm and friendly atmosphere for them and have age appropriate toys, games and activities for them to use.

Our service is run by a team of fully trained staff and volunteers independent from the courts, social services or any statutory agency. You might need to use our contact centre if you and your former partner don’t want to see each other but would each like to see the children. You may not be able to agree on times and venues for contact to take place, or the court may have issued a contact order stating contact to take place at a centre. There is nothing to worry about, contact centres are child-centred friendly places!
Our Contact Centre offers both supported contact and supervised contact as well as room hire. Families can also use our Centre as a hand over point.

During Supported Contact our team will be on hand to support the session if required, but they may not remain in the contact room for the whole session. They are unable to make reports about visits, verbal or written, apart from the dates and times that families have attended. The only exception is if we believe there is a risk of harm to a child, member of staff, volunteer or other centre user. Other families may be present at the centre.

During Supervised Contact a supervisor will remain in the room at all times during the sessions. They will make notes during the session which will be used to form a report. Reports can be requested by CAFCASS, Family Court, Social Services and you can also request a report. The report will be shared only with the organisation or person requesting it, it will not be shared with anyone else without the permission of both parents/carers. Other families will not be present at the centre.

Visits to the contact centre are by referral only. To make a referral please complete the Supported Contact Referral Form or the Supervised Contact Referral Form, or contact us for more information.

To read more about our service please read Supervised and Supported Contact or A Referrer’s Guide to Our Contact Centre.

Child Contact Centre

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