Women’s Work has a wealth of expertise in supporting women who are vulnerable and leading chaotic lives to meet their immediate health and wellbeing needs and support them on a journey towards independence and empowerment.

Our partners value working with us because we offer a holistic approach which deals with the root causes of women’s problems, rather than the immediately visible problem.  Our welcoming and non-judgemental support mean we can help bridge the gap with other services and often work with women over a number of months, even years, to ensure they stay on track with obtaining their goals.

With extensive knowledge of the needs of women affected by domestic abuse, or other traumatic events in their lives; the barriers facing women leaving the criminal justice system and the inequalities women experience around caring responsibilities, childcare and accessing training or employment we are well placed to advise others on best practice.

We have long term plans for developing a range of training programmes based on what we have learned from delivering our interactive programmes and interventions.

Our first training programme entitled “Taking a Trauma-Informed Approach when Working with Women with Complex and Multifaceted Needs” was launched in October 2020 and is currently being delivered by our staff to a number of our partner organisations, with very positive feedback.

If you have an idea about a training course you would like us to design and deliver for your organisation, or wish to express an interest in working with us to develop our training offer, please get in touch by e-mail info@womens-work.org.uk or by phone on 01332 242525.